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Innovative and High Quality in vitro models.

Invitrolize was incorporated in 2022 and is a spin-off from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

We offer innovative 3D alveolar in vitro models allowing to predict the hazard of respiratory sensitization and irritation.

For the first time, these models can be used to predict respiratory sensitization under realistic exposure. The model has been submitted to ECVAM for pre-validation.

The company was created by researchers and scientists, and this is the reason why we maintain the same high quality standards in everything we do. Our products deliver the most reliable results because we only focus on one thing, data.

Our in vitro alveolar models have already been shipped to industrial and academic partners via road and air transport. The model inserts arrive in a gelatine support and require minimum handling on the day of arrival. One day later they are ready for exposure experiments.


We provide quality assurance data, so you will always know before you start your experiments whether a batch has a quality issue and we will replace these for you before you start to use them.

Supporting our Partners. Long term collaboration.

We will provide all necessary training to your staff but also the support where and when necessary to meet your customers' needs. We can also perform testing in house in parallel with you to support confidence in your data.

We will provide all necessary guidance on data interpretation and internal quality controls and information on type of positive/negative control chemicals and results to expect.

Our 3D human alveolar in vitro models are build using four human cell lines based on our patented methodology. The models are as complex as necessary and as simple as possible depending on the endpoint of your interest.


Our Team

Prof. Arno C. Gutleb

Managing Director

Sabina Burla

Chief Scientific Officer