Alveolar in vitro model for toxicity analysis

Get peace of mind with our award winning patented technology. Our human in vitro model allows for the first time the identification and differentiation of respiratory sensitizers and respiratory irritants under air-liquid interphase realistic exposure conditions.

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Scientific rigour is our raison d'être

Invitrolize was born out of academia, and our team is composed of highly qualified researchers and scientists. We are a spin-off from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. We rely on data and facts for our product development and innovation. We develop products you can trust.

In vitro innovation, production, and sale

Our main activity is developing, producing, and selling our in vitro model ALIsens for toxicity and drug testing analysis. If you are a CRO interested in becoming part of our network or a company with the required facilities to carry out your own studies, you can learn more about our in vitro models by clicking on the button below.

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Testing services through our partner network

Invitrolize is focused on insert manufacturing and developing new models as part of our commitment to expand our products and services portfolio. We sell our inserts to our CRO partners so they can offer the best respiratory toxicity and drug testing results in the market. Interested in talking to one of our partners? Contact us.

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ALIsens in a nutshell

We help you to identify respiratory irritants and sensitizers early in product development.

For the first time our patented in vitro model allows the prediction of respiratory sensitization under realistic exposure conditions, i.e., exposure of cells cultured at the air-liquid interphase using exposure systems suitable for all types of airborne materials.

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    Complex 3D model with proven high specificity of >95%.

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    Valid for toxicological testing.

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    Submitted to EURL ECVAM for prevalidation.

What they say about us



Invitrolize provides an exciting opportunity to assess challenging chemicals for challenging endpoints in respiratory toxicity with human-relevant approaches. They are grounded in science while having a clear view of regulatory application to advance toxicology, and we are excited to work with them

- Kristie Sullivan, MPH, Vice President for Research Policy.

Applications of our alveolar model for hazard assessment




Inhalable drugs - hazard assessment very early in drug candidate identification.



Many of these products are sprayed and then inhaled - so nothing to worry about?


Chemical Industry

Concerned to find out in some years that new products have hazardous properties?



What happens after inhalation of foodborn proteins and other allergens?



Citizens are exposed to many chemicals and (nano)particles indoor and outdoor - and all is safe?


Consumer products

Sure that your customers are not inhaling anything hazardous?



Are your workers exposed to inhalable chemicals or particles and are you aware about the hazard?


Crop protection

What is the hazard of sprayed new chemicals upon inhalation for farmers or operators during its production?



Wondering about sensitzing potential of new ingredients or products?

Award Winning Technology


*Scientists involved in the ALIsens tech were LIST employees at that time.

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